ECE 6465  Memory Device Technologies and Applications    

Previously (8823/8803) Offering: Fall 2018, Fall 2019 (Lecture Videos available at YouTube Link) and Fall 2021 (Lecture Videos available at YouTube Link). Next offering is Fall 2024.

Recommended textbook: S. Yu, Semiconductor Memory Devices and Circuits, Publisher: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis2022. [Link]

Course Outline

  • Semiconductor Memory and CMOS Scaling Overview

–Industry trend and technology scaling

  • SRAM

–6T cell operation
–Noise margin, stability, scaling issues, and layout
–Variability and reliability issues
–Recent trends: FinFET

  • DRAM

–1T-1C cell operation
–Fabrication technology, capacitor structure, and layout
–Recent trends: 3D TSV based HBM
–Embedded DRAM

  • FLASH memory

–FLASH device physics
–NAND vs. NOR architecture
–Reliability and scaling issues
–Recent trends: 3D vertical NAND

  • Emerging memories

–Cross-point array architecture (3D X-point)

  • Memory Array Design

–Peripheral circuits
–Sense amplifier design
–NVSim simulator

  • New applications

–Non-volatile cache
–Reconfigurable logic
–PUF as hardware security primitive
–In-memory computing for deep learning

ECE 3030 Physical Foundations of Computer Engineering

Offering: Summer 2019, Spring 2020 (Lecture Videos available at YouTube Link), Fall 2020 (Lecture Videos available at YouTube Link), Spring 2022 and Spring 2023

Course Outline

  • Resistors and Interconnects
  • Semiconductor Physics

–From bond model to band model
–Carrier statistics (electrons and holes)
–Carrier transport (drift and diffusion)

  • Transistor- MOSFET

–p/n junction, I-V, band diagram
–MOS-Cap, Electrostatics, band diagram perpendicular to channel
–Id-Vd and Id-Vg curves, band diagram along channel
–Subthreshold current and standby leakage

  • CMOS Inverter

–Voltage transfer curve
–Noise margin

  • CMOS Scaling
  • Memory Technologies


  • Advanced CMOS Technologies