Ferroelectric device characterization and nanofabrication lab tour

MINST Handwritten Digit Recognition Demo (by SRAM chip)

Chip Tape-out (XNOR-RRAM at 90nm, Secure-RRAM at 40nm)

Lab Set-up (ALD deposition, probe station and chip-testing)

Receiving Awards

(Shimeng is receiving IEEE EDS early career award at IEDM 2017)

(Shimeng is receiving ACM SIGDA outstanding young faculty award at DAC 2018)

(Shimeng is receiving SRC young young faculty award at SRC TECHCON 2019)

Attending Conferences

(Xiaochen is presenting NeuroSim to SRC/DARPA JUMP Center Review 2018)

(Xiaoyu is presenting 2T-1 FeFET design at IEDM 2018)

PhD Defense (Pai-Yu, Rui and Panni)

Group Dinner

(Farewell Jiyong and Welcome Jae, March 2019)

(New Year Party, Jan. 2020)

(Virtual Gathering of Alumni and Celebration of Xiaochen and Panni’s graduation , May 2021)

PhD Hooding Ceremony (Xiaoyu and Panni)

Xiaochen received the 2023 Outstanding Dissertation Award from the European Design and Automation Association (EDAA) and the Donald O. Pederson Best Paper Award in IEEE’s Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems.